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Edmonton’s agricultural heritage will be on full display this weekend at Fort Edmonton Park. The annual Harvest Fair is an old time celebration of the end of summer. Tom sits down with Suzette Mellado and Richard Repchuk to learn more.

SCARS – Terra MacLean from the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society stops by with two pups looking for their forever homes.

COOKING SEGMENT – The Green Bean in Morinville started as a small coffee house three years ago. They now have a full menu, cater events and are opening a second location soon. Doug Adsit stops by the Morning News to talk more about the coffee house and bistro. He also prepares a couple of delicious items.

French toast and berries maple flambé

French toast – you will need:
2 pieces of whole wheat bread or marble thick cut is best
3 large eggs cracked in bowl
3 teaspoons fresh whip cream 10 percent is also good.
1oz butter for frying

Berry flambé – you will need:
half cup of fresh assorted berries in season or frozen will do, measure 3 quarter cup if frozen then defrost.
1 oz butter
1 half fresh orange
1 oz triple sec liquor


half cup of maple syrup
whip cream for finishing garnish in can is fine please use only real whip cream not oil based product.
mint leave for garnish .optional

put fry pan over medium heat, let get hot , add butter to melt.
in bowl mix egg and cream, soak bread in mixture then remove and add to pan, cook each side
approx. 90 second per side. remove from pan then transfer to plate .
in the same pan on medium heat add butter ,maple syrup ,juice from half orange and triple sec liquor and reduce for 1 minute at medium heat, then add on top of toast, garnish with fresh whip cream

Bruschetta with tomato and green peas

You will need:
1 fresh baguette
3 roma tomatoes
quarter cup fresh peas
3 sprigs fresh basil
2 cloves of fresh galric
60 ml extra virgin olive oil
2tbl fresh grated parm cheese.
salt and pepper to taste.

slice baguette bread into one inch slices put on baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil then bake for ten minutes at 350 degrees or until golden brown.
in a bowl add all other ingredients season with salt and pepper,when mixed add atop of each
baguette and garnish with fresh chopped parsley on each baguette. enjoy

Local bison meat balls with pesto penne

You will need:
1 lbs ground bison from your local grocer
3 larg eggs cracked
quarter cup of whole oats
salt and pepper to taste

combine all ingredients and mix well ,make meat balls from hand, approx 20 meat balls, set aside in fridge.

For sauce you will need:
one quarter cup chopped onion
quarter cup of fresh chopped parsley
quarter cup of dry white wine
3 tbs pesto sauce …available at you local grocery store
2 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil
2 chopped fine fresh roma tomatoes.

cook one pack of penne pasta 454 ml pack as per cooking instruction on box
in a large fry pan combine oil, onion and meat balls sauté each side approx 3 minutes on medium heat or until cooked, add pesto and wine, reduce for 2 minutes add cheese and tomatoes, toss and serve ,garnish with fresh parsley. enjoy

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